why alpha gam?

Alpha Gam brought me the friends that I went into college searching for. I've never felt so accepted. I met my two best friends because we always carpooled from the same dorm to the sorority house. I didn't realize then how important those car rides were. We created inside jokes and shared stories and truly connected in such a beautiful way. I feel so lucky for those moments.

Aspen Countryman, PC '17

"to cherish friendships with but a chosen few...

Coming into college, I craved a place to be known and valued, but I never truly knew the extent that Alpha Gamma Delta would play in my success story at UGA. I loved from the beginning that I was embraced with authenticity and genuineness, and paired with that came encouragement and support to reach farther into becoming the woman I aspired to be. These women saw me for who I was and took the time to know what I valued, what I wanted to become, and how I wanted to impact the world around me. 

The women in Alpha Gamma Delta became my fiercest advocates and supporters. They celebrated me when I earned a coveted top seat in the UGA Symphony Orchestra, they were in the audience as I had my first professional solo concert on french horn. They pushed me to join causes bigger than me, leading to my time served on the Executive Board of the Music Therapy Student Association and giving time to our local food bank to relieve food insecurity in the Athens community. They were there when I became an Orientation Leader for the university, they nominated me to serve on homecoming court. These women were the first people to ask me about my day, my dreams, and took it one step further by giving me opportunities to get myself there. I served Alpha Gamma Delta as an officer and as Vice President of Member Experience, resulting in time finding and building my leadership style, my confidence, and my ability to create a vision for those around me. Every day, every victory, defeat, and what if moment, my sisters were there cheering me on. They saw me, my worth, and what I could invest into others, and for that
I am forever thankful. Alpha Gamma Delta is truly the reason for my success at the University of Georgia. 


Lizzie Digiovanni, PC '15

I’ve heard people say that they join a sorority and hope to find their bridesmaids, and as cliche as that is-- that’s what I was looking for! But I was so nervous to join a sorority because I had such high standards of what I wanted. I’m so thankful for Alpha Gam because I have found two of my best friends ever. In just 5 months I’ve created a bond with these girls that I know will last a lifetime! If it wasn’t for the new member sisterhood retreat I would not have connected with Hannah and Claire and we wouldn’t be best friends or future roommates!!


Camryn Callaro, PC '18

...and to study the perfecting of those friendships"

What has made Alpha Gam so special to me is my big, Anna. She was the person I needed to find in college to keep me on my toes, eyes towards God and mind towards school. I met her first on bid day and didn’t know what to think the weeks after when I had gotten new “rosebuds” but Anna kept in touch and I even got precalculus tutoring for free! We have been to Helen, North Carolina, and a Dylan Scott concert but our favorite place to spend time together is probably the Athens Public Library (lol) every reading day! There have been many laughs and breakdowns in that place! She is the greatest friend and mentor. She led a Bible study and always encouraged me to come, and she always texts me back when I have no idea what picture to post on Instagram and always responds when I send her new country songs to listen to. She gets my small town, country girl life and I can’t thank Alpha Gam enough for letting our paths cross.  Anna is the greatest big and best friend. We definitely needed each other at the right time in college and I know I will continue to need her in my life. That is just how great she is!!


Alyssa Paul, PC '16

Every girl has these aspirations of what college will be like: the pursuit of whatever you want to study in school, amazing social life, complete freedom, finding your best friends for life! The summer before college, these ideas about UGA kept me sane and focused while I suffocated in a toxic social environment back home. I needed to get out; I needed to find my real friends, ones who had my back no matter what. I prayed every night asking God to make me happy again. He heard my prayers, and this became abundantly clear early in my college experience. UGA was the breath of fresh air I needed, but Alpha Gamma Delta made me feel whole and loved again. My sorority gave me girls who laugh and explore Athens with me, girls who grow to closer to God with me, girls who drop everything and help me clean up the fire in my dorm! Above all, my sorority gave me my best friends who I wouldn’t trade for the world. They make me laugh till I cry and my stomach hurts, they bring me brownies because I’m stressed about finals, and they are always up for a girls night out. They are some of the best blessings UGA has given me, and I can’t thank God enough for leading me home to Alpha Gamma Delta.


Lauren Franklin, PC '18

individually unique. together complete.

Alpha Gamma Delta has given me things that I never expected from a sorority. Being an out of state student I joined with the intention of meeting new girls. I got that and so much more. The women of Alpha Gamma Delta have given me a renewed sense of purpose. They have helped me build a confidence that I never knew I had inside me. I have learned how to love those around me better. I have also gained a new sense of appreciation for the little things in life. I am so thankful for Alpha Gamma Delta and the values it has instilled in me.


Katie Uthman, PC '18

Alpha Gam is truly a special place for me. From the minute I met alpha gams my freshman year, I knew that it was something I could be a part of. My favorite thing about it is the girls I've met that are so different from me. I absolutely love my three roommates - Clara, Alexa, and Mary - not just because of the late nights and early mornings we share, but because of our differences as well. These girls have shown me different viewpoints and perspectives on classes, projects, family, and life. They have helped shape me into who I am. Alpha Gam is special to me because I can be myself because we view our differences as valuable. A lot of us share passions, from UGA to coffee, but more than anything the girls I have met have opened my eyes to experiences and thoughts that I would have never known had I not become an Alpha Gam.


Lauren Willis, PC '17