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Happy 2019 from Alpha Gamma Delta!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

From exciting winter break plans to busy first days of classes, sweet sisterhood events, and fun social events...our sisters are kicking off the new year the right way! 

Winter Break Adventures 

Our sisters made the most of their time off from school! From hitting the slopes in Colorado to hiking 22,841 feet tall mountains in South America, our members had a great break! Our member Sophia Tarrago, pictured below, climbed the Patagonia Andes in Chile for her break. Way to go Sophia!

Sisterhood Events: Paddle Pass

One of our members favorite sisterhood bonding events is Paddle Pass, when littles are able to show their creativity and love for their bigs by designing and making them personalized paddles. Everyone looks forward to the big reveal when you find your paddle and get to bond with your "gam fam" afterwards! 

Silent Disco Date Night

Our sisters had a groovy time at our first date night of the semester! Everyone put on their dancing shoes and their craziest wig to dance the night away! Light-up headphones and Chick-fil-a nugget trays made the night one for the books! 11

Spring Bid Day

This spring we had the opportunity of adding 12 new amazing members to our sisterhood! Bid day was a blast thanks to our new VP of Recruitment, Anna Catherine Alderman and the far-out galaxy theme! Our members, new and old, got to put on their favorite space-themed items and welcome the newest PC into Alpha Gamma Delta.

Introducing: The 2019 Executive Council

Last semester we voted as a chapter to elect our new Executive Council for the 2019 year! Congrats to all of these ladies, especially Olivia Profita, Alpha Gamma Delta's newest President.

The positions are as follows:

Chapter President - Olivia Profita

VP Chapter Wellness - Natalie Siegman

VP Academic Excellence - Gamma Chi

VP Recruitment - Anna Catherine Alderman

VP Finance - Lindsey Mauldin

VP Administration - Erin Fletcher

VP Member Experience - Tally Davidson

VP New Member Experience - Gamma Chi

VP Event Planning - Anna Kate Newall

VP Marketing - Paige Borcherding

VP Campus Relations - Gamma Chi

VP Philanthropy - Anna Helen McKelvey

Director of Property - Andrea Giordano

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