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Alpha Gam's Summer 2018

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

This summer our sisters travelled the world through study abroad programs and gained career experience at internships before reuniting in Athens for an amazing recruitment season and the start of a new school year.

An Exciting Recruitment Season...

After a fun-filled summer, our sisters jumped right into recruitment workshops followed by an eventful week of recruitment. Through four rounds of recruitment, each showing a different and unique part of our sisterhood, we were delighted to welcome 78 new young women to Alpha Gamma Delta.

Meeting the Potential New Members

During Round 1, we were able to introduce all of the Potential New Members to our sisterhood. Pictured here from left to right are Assistant Recruitment Chair - Sara Catherine Rogers, President - Jennifer Williams, and Vice President of Recruitment - Chelsey Deranian.

Fighting Food Insecurity

During Round 2 of recruitment, our sisters showed the Potential New Members how our philanthropic efforts throughout the year benefit the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and the fight on food insecurity around America. Please check out our Philanthropy Film below, which was shared during the second round.

Showing off our home

During Round 3, our sisters had a blast giving house tours to all the Potential New Members and explaining why 530 South Milledge is truly our home-away-home. We showcased the historic old part of the house and the newly renovated section as well.

Preferential Round

In the last round before Bid Day, we had the privilege of sharing exactly why we cherish our sisterhood so deeply through a beautiful preferential ceremony. We were honored to be able to share with the Potential New Members just how special it is to be a part of the Gamma Alpha Chapter.

Alpha Gam Throw-Back Bid Day

Our chapter was so excited to celebrate our new pledge class with a classic Red, Buff, and Green themed Bid Day.

Summer Adventures

Before reuniting for recruitment in August, our sisters were spread out all over the world for study abroad programs and internships.

Jenny Mai

(PC '17) studied abroad in Australia and New Zealand to learn about progressing towards a more sustainable future. Jenny found that this trip allowed her to "really appreciate the world and its community" and it pushed her to "make more of an effort to preserve the environment." She is excited to incorporate her new found knowledge into the UGA community.

Sophia Tarrago

(PC '16) participated in a Service-Learning Maymester Program in Tanzania through UGA. By working alongside the Tanzanian people in local schools and orphanages, Sophia was able to "better understand the various problems that exist, and thus the best ways to address these issues with an emphasis on sustainability."

The most "unforgettable adventure" of her trip was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and reaching Uhuru peak after 6 days of hiking. Sophia studies International Affairs and Economics and this experience furthered her desire for social and economic equality in the world.

Cameron Walsh

(PC '17) studied at the University of Oxford, where she took classes on Shakespearean and Romantic literature while traveling around England and Paris. Cameron shared that "it was incredible to learn from world-renowned Oxford professors while exploring a gorgeous town which inspired writers like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis." Overall, Cameron had an amazing two months full of "beautiful cities and new adventures.

Claire Stubsten

(PC '17) worked as an intern at Northside Hospital all summer assisting the anesthetists in main surgery. Her main job was to "go into the operating room after a surgery and prep the anesthesia machine and cart for the following case." Claire is majoring in Cognitive Science and plans on going to nursing school in the future to become a Nurse Anesthetist, so this was an invaluable learning experience for her. She is excited to continue this internship throughout the academic year and learn more about her future career.

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